Pillar and Risk Factors of Health


To be healthy, you should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It can prevent disease and illness. A healthy man feels good, takes care of himself, and enjoys every moment of life.

Important Things About Health

 1. Eat healthily

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco

4. Sleep on time

5. Relax your mind

6. Exercise regularly

7. Love yourself

8. Trust yourself

Pillars for Healthy Life

 1. Sleep

2. Nutrition

3. Exercise

4. Mind or Emotions

5. Relationship or community


It’s important to give your child a good night’. You want to be able to relax and get ready for another day. Unfortunately, sleep problems are common among kids of all ages. Children have been shown to have shorter sleeping hours than adults and are also sleep-deprived from the stresses of growing up.


You want to eat healthy meals to avoid sickness and disease. You want to eat healthy food to look good. But it is hard to know which food combinations are healthy and which are not. Your dietitian tells you to follow a diet plan.


You want to be healthy then do exercise. You can maintain your body, and If you can burn enough calories to lose the extra weight, then workout regularly.


Depression and anxiety can seriously affect your personal and professional life. Not only does it disrupt your sleep and daily routine, it can also make you very unhappy and cause you to act irrationally. A healthy person controls their emotions and feelings and tries to live happily.

Relationship and Community:

Relationships have an essential impact on our lives. People who are connected to their friends and family live happily compared to those who are less well connected.

Pillar and Risk Factors of Health

What Vitamins You Should Be Eating?

Many different kinds of food contain vitamins. Some foods are vegetables, some are fruits, some are animal products, and some are processed food. All these foods have different qualities and benefits.

1. Vitamin A

It helps to improve our immune system, which defends against illness and disease.

2. Vitamin C

The best source of vitamin C is citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

3. Vitamin D

The source of this vitamin is milk, cod liver oil, and spinach

4. Zinc

High-zinc fruits include avocado, pomegranates, blueberries, and guava.

5. Magnesium

Chocolates, water, fibre, nuts, and seeds.

Health Benefits

 1. Reduce cancer risk

 2. Heart health

 3. Diabetes 

 4. Better moods

 5. Less depression 

 6. Increase happiness 

Risk Factors For Health

There are some risk factors that go beyond your health; they relate to your attitude, values

 1. Mental Health (Stress, homeless, drug use and hopelessness)

 2. HIV (Sexually transmitted diseases)

 3. Obesity 

Types Of Risk Factors

 1. Behavioural

 2. Physical

 3. Demographics

 4. Environmental 

 5. Genetics

Behavioural Risk Factor

 It is usually related to the actions that an individual has chosen to take.

 1. Physical activity

 2. Unprotected sex

 3. Smoking 

Physiological Risk Factor

It is related to our physical activity, genes, and lifestyle.

1. High blood pressure

2. High level of glucose

3. Obesity 

Demographics Risk Factor

Demographics relate to our overall population.

1. Age

2. Income

3. Gender

4. Occupation

Environmental Risk Factor

It covers various physical, chemical, and biological risk factors and our culture, economics and political factors.

1. Air pollution

2. Water pollution

3. Social setting

Genetics Risk Factor

It is based on individual genes. Some diseases, such as diabetes, anaemia and muscular dystrophy, come entirely from an individual’s genetic makeup.

 1. Cystic fibrosis

2. Thalassemia

3. Sickle cell anaemia 

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