Difference between psychologists and psychiatrists

Sometimes there comes a time when a person reaches the limit of his problems and he wants to go to someone who can get him out of this problem. For small problems, we take help from our family members and if we face a big problem, we refer to professionals.

 Professionals referred to for problem solving include; psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists and so on.

 These names are often heard by us but we do not know the details about them. The biggest difference is between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.  They are often considered the same, but they are very different.

 These areas play a role in mental health and how we communicate with people. If we want to adopt these professions, we should know the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

What about psychologists and psychiatrists:

 Psychology is the study of mental states and human behavior. And those who study psychology are called psychiatrists and they study the effect of negative attitudes on the human mind. On the other hand, in psychology, patients are treated with medicine. They treat patients’ mental stress, their feelings and their behavior with  medicine. Both psychiatry and psychology are very important fields for improving human behavior and mental state. Both sectors play a similar role; they help people.

Difference between psychologists and psychiatrists:

 There is a big difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist;   like working methods and their education etc.

  The following are some of their differences:

Psychiatrists treat patients with medicine and psychologists treat them with therapies:

 The major difference between the two is how they both deal with patients. Psychiatrists prefer medicine in the treatment of their patients. They plan for the treatment of patients, in which through medicine they try to show the symptoms of the disease in the patients. They also know how to improve the patient’s behavior with people . The work of treating a mental patient can only be done by a psychiatrist.  Psychologists  use therapies to identify illness in patients and help patients cope with illness. They use psycho-dynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy. For example, when a person tries to commit suicide due to problems, psychiatrists try to normalize him through medicine and solve his problems, and psychologists listen to his problems by using different types of therapies and begin planning for treatment.  Psychiatrists and psychologists work together on many mental health issues.

Psychiatrists do mental health work and for psychologists this is just one source:

 Psychiatrists are known as medical doctors. They also work in hospitals and medical clinics. Their work in the medical clinic is only mental health. It can be adopted by many other fields of mental health such as brain injury medicine, pain management, forensic psychiatry, addiction psychiatry and so on.

Psychiatrists deal with situations and psychologists focus on a person’s behavior with others:

 Psychiatrists try to deal with human mental stress. They deal with human depression, emotions and anxiety. Psychologists deal with people who can be treated through therapies.

In case of appointment:

 A patient prefers a family doctor in case of treatment from a psychiatrist.  Whereas in the case of psychologists, a family doctor is not preferred. In this, the patient is referred to a professional.


 A psychiatrist becomes a doctor after 11 years of education. They first complete their education from medical college and then undergo 1 to 2 years of doctor training. And then spend about 5 years in mental illness treatment training.  Psychologists study for 6 years. If they have done PHD, then they are called doctors.

In what condition should one meet:

 Sometimes people don’t understand who they should treat their stress to. If he is under stress due to someone’s physical pressure at home, he should consult a psychiatrist and get himself treated with medicine. And if one is suffering from childhood stress, then he should get treatment from psychologists who treat the patient by using different types of therapies.

Anxiety disorder:

 It is a disease that appears as a result of mental stress. Humans feel anxiety on many occasions in their lives, for example, when something goes wrong and when we don’t get good results from our hard work.


 Symptoms of Anxiety is that a person is very worried.

 Its symptoms include:

  • Restlessness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Ignorance
  • Sweating in confusion
  • Heart-wrenching
  • Heart beat

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